Rodnik company was founded in 2006 as an exclusive distributor of mineral and table waters from the Czech Republic and Serbia. We supply water to the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Since 2022, we have become a manufacturer of MR. BEMB craft energy drinks and BILINSKA mineral water.
Rodnik: manufacturer and exclusive distributor
Mineral waters for beauty and health
Vincentka mineral water
Therapeutic naturally carbonated mineral water with a low mineralization of 9.0−10.0 g/L. Contains natural iodine.
Zajecická Horka mineral water
Therapeutic non carbonated mineral water with a high mineralization of 33 g/L and with the highest content of natural magnesium in the world.
Prolom mineral water
Thermal still table water with a low mineralization of 0.23 g/L has a pH of 8.5−9.2 and contains silicon and bicarbonates.
Rudolfův pramen mineral water
Therapeutic table naturally carbonated mineral water with a high content of ferrous iron and silicic acid. A total mineralization of 2.1−2.6 g/L.
Aqua Maria mineral water
Low mineralized table water contains calcium, magnesium, chloride, bicarbonate, potassium, fluorine.
Bílinská kyselka mineral water
Therapeutic table mineral water with a medium mineralization of 7.1−7.6 g/L. Maintains digestive system health.
Bílinská kyselka with melissa
Natural therapeutic mineral water of medium mineralization. Helps with heartburn, nausea, heaviness from overeating, gastritis
Bílinská kyselka with milk thistle
Natural Milk Thistle Extract is a natural hepatoprotector that gently improves the condition of the liver and normalizes metabolism
Ferdinandov Pramen
Slightly mineralized water with a high content of silicic acid is suitable for daily consumption
MR. BEMB energy drinks
A unique tonic drink with a memorable design and no sugar. Presented in two flavors: classic and tropical with natural mango juice
Own production
Almaty, Polezhaeva 92a
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Where to buy?
shops in Moscow
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Website: minervoda.ru
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Our partners
Serbia, Kurshumlia
Manufacturer: Planinka a. d
Czech Republic, Lugacovice
Manufacturer: Vincentka a.s.
Czech Republic, Marianske Lazne
Czech Republic, Bilina
Manufacturer: Bohemia Healing Mineral Waters CZ a. s
Manufacturer: Bohemia Healing Mineral Waters CZ a.s.
Крафтовый энергетик Mr. Bemb
Уникальный тонизирующий напиток с запоминающимся дизайном. Не содержит сахара. Представлен в двух вкусах: классический и тропический с натуральным соком манго
Собственное производство